JD-851 5mW High Power 532nm Green Light Adjustable Starry Sky Star Cap Laser Pointer Pen Flashlight


包装长*宽*高:12.00 * 2.30 * 2.30(CM) 毛重:0.070(KG)


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This laser pointer is highlighted by its multifunction and ultra-long light visibility. It can provides 1500m / 4921.3ft green laser in single spot or starry sky ligh in multi-spots. It is useful for decoration in performance or at party and for focusing audience's attention in sales or in large screen teaching.

Can change the green starry sky light by rotating the lens, can provides single light beam by remove the lens.
Green starry sky light is suitable for party and stage performance.
Single spot light is suitable for sales pointing and large screen teaching.
1500m / 4921.3ft ultra-long light visibility, suitable for tour guide and astronomical star pointing.
Tail switch design, one press for long lighting, convinient to control.

Label power: 5mW (floating)
Light visibility: 1500m / 4921.3ft
Start time: <3 seconds
Rechargeable battery (not included): 16340 lithium battery
Battery capacity: 600mA
Working time: 30minutes-1hour
Material: Aluminum alloy
Laser color: Green
Wavelength: 532nm
Color: Black
Item size: 12.0 * 2.1cm / 4.7 * 0.8in (H * D)
Item weight: 64.0g / 2.3oz
Total size: 12.0 * 2.3cm / 4.7 * 0.9in (H * D)
Total weight: 65.0g / 2.3oz

1. Laser has serious harm to people's eyes. Do not point to someone else.
2. Continuously light the pen for 30 seconds would shorten the pen life.
3. Please take out the battery before leaving the laser pen unused.

Package list:
1 * Laser pointer
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