Super Squishy Foam Stuffed Toy with Scents Squeezable and Cute Stress Relive Pressure Release Decompressed Plush Slow Rebound Children Toys


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This cute little squishy stuffed toy is made with some scent, and can be used as kids' toys, adult decompression toys, early childhood toys, home decorations, etc. With a slow rebound and slow rising characteristic, it will be a great toy to release your pressure.

This toy has certain pleasant scent, can make you feel relaxed while playing.
15 different cute animal types for you to choose.
The rising time is slow after squeezing, which makes you feels great.
Material is comfortable, stuffed with PU foam cotton, both adults and children can have it.
All the types are cute in outlook, can catch your attention and release all of your stresses.

Types: 15 types (optional)
Material: PU
With Scents: yes
Height: 90mm / 3.54in
Package Weight: 68g / 2.4ounce
Package Size: 150*100*100mm / 5.91*3.94*3.94in

Package List:
1 * Slow Rebound Toy
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