40-inch HD Projection Screen Manual Pull Up Folding Tabletop Projecting Screen Aspect Ratio 4:3 Portable Projection Screen for DLP Projector Handheld Projector


包装长*宽*高:95.00 * 10.00 * 10.00(CM) 毛重:1.700(KG)


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This 40" Portable Tabletop Projection Screen is the most compact and travel-friendly option for Small Meetings and Mobile presentations. This unique projector screen allows you to set up quickly and easily on any tabletop. It is widely used in Business Presentation, Education Training, Home Entertainment, etc. 

[Super Companion]
It is indispensable companion when you want to enjoy HD movies or play games on big-screen devices. The 40 Inch HD Projection Screen will bring you wonderful Hollywood Blockbuster Experience and Super Game Experience. Offering a great Home Theater while spending less money. 
No Glare, Unlike Standard Whiteboards, Standard whiteboards are often highly reflective, making them less-than-ideal surfaces for projection. The 40-Inch HD Projection Screen enhances contrast as well as sharpness - at up to full HD resolution - for both text and images. This improved visual experience is also less tiring on the eyes, which comes into play for long lessons or presentations. 
[Unique Design]
*The protector Screen uses standard black backing material to eliminate light penetration; 4-side black Edging enhances picture contrast ratio and absorb light overshoot, assuring best quality video image.
[Portable Design & Easy to use]
The 40-inch HD Projection Screen uses Manual Pull Up design (Quick 'Setup & Projection' in Seconds, Simple Manual Pull-Up Operation with Quick-Lock Mechanism), portable and providing a superior projection surface in an instant, companion and help you anywhere. 
Create the perfect Home Theater, Movie & Live Sports, Business Meetings, Exhibitions, Conventions, Presentation Screen in a instant. It is a super helper when you make a Business Presentation & make a speech, and the 40-inch HD Projection Screen will clearly show the content that you said, letting your speech has better effect. 

What about the performance of the Projection Screen? 
*Lightweight, Compact & Protective Travel Case Style - Designed for Universal Projection & Portability.
*Stain & Mildew Resistant, Flame Retardant Fabric - Heavy Duty & Rugged Design - Aluminum Case.
*The Projector screen is highly flexible for use anywhere; your bedroom, living room or even conference room

Operation: Manual Pull Up  
View Area (W*H): 32" * 24"  
Diagonal: 40" 
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 
Screen Fabric: Matte White
Color: White with Black 
Main Item Weight: 1450g / 51.0oz 
Package Size: 95 * 10.0 * 10.0cm / 87.2 *6.29 * 5.3in 
Package Weight: 1700g / 60.0oz

Package Includes: 
1 * 40" 4:3 Manual Pull up Projection Screen
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