Individual self-inflatable mattress blue, 185 x 55 x 3 cm


包装长*宽*高:59.00 * 16.00 * 16.00(CM) 毛重:2.070(KG)


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The mat self-inflatable air will be ideal for picnicking, camping, hiking, sunbathing, hunting or other outdoor activities. Waterproof mat will protect you from damp grass, sand and earth. Inflatable pillow built for comfort. This air mat, weatherproof and moisture, is designed with a sleeping surface model 190T polyester, with slip and extremely comfortable. It rolls up quickly and is easy to carry and store, thanks to the two included straps and carrying bag. Auto-inflatable Color: blue open Dimensions: 185 x 55 cm Thickness: 3 cm wound Dimensions: 16 x 59 cm (diameter x length) Material filling: PU foam 19D has an inflatable pillow included The incluyedos delivery straps and a carrying bag Material: Polyester: 100%, This air mat moisture-proof with an inflatable pillow built, is comfortable and convenient. Lightweight, portable, versatile and practical, this sleeping pad is essential for campers and outdoor enthusiasts!
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