Ametoys 290cm*140cm Large Size Huge Rainbow Kite with 50m Line Delta Kitee


包装长*宽*高:44.00 * 9.50 * 7.50(CM) 毛重:0.256(KG)


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It's a well-made kite that will surely provide you and your kids an overwhelming sense of joy, relaxation, and accomplishment. Hold the string yourself and you are likely to feel a rush of childhood memories and a great sense of happiness. With the Huge Rainbow Kite, you can even make a rainbow sway gracefully with the wind as it soars up high.

Priceless Memories - Kites have amazed and delighted countless generations of both children and adults.
Strength and Coordination - Learning how to launch and control it will help your youngsters develop coordination and critical thinking skills.
Leave The Video Game - Help your child to put down the controller and discover a pastime that will get them outside active and healthy.
Easiest To Assemble and Hold - Manufactured with non-toxic materials comes with a kid-friendly handle and has extremely stable handling characteristics.
Extremely Easy To Fly - This easy flyer is specially designed to be stable and not difficult to launch in any level of wind. The durable fabric body and tail will last for years.

Item Name: Huge Rainbow Kite
Material: nylon fabric, fiberglass
Line Length: 50m
Item dimension: 290 * 140cm

Package Information:
Package size: 44 * 9.5 * 7.5cm / 17.3 * 3.7 * 3.0in
Package weight: 257g / 9.1oz
General box package

Package List:
1 * Huge Rainbow Kite
1 * 50m Line
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