GOODWAY 3205 Baby Hand Rattles Kit Teether Bed Bell Toys Kids Happy Buddy Newborns Gift


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Baby hand rattles set, bed bell toys, good partner for your lovely babies.
Warm notice: the color of the product is random, we will deliver one to you randomly.

Sense of Vision - Bright colors help the baby early on the color perception, to promote the development of the brain faster.
Sense of Hearing - When the bell is shaking, there is a crisp sound, training the baby to hear, to help the baby to distinguish the sound and direction.
Sense of Touch - Convex texture can stimulate the development of the baby touch.
Hand Eye Coordination - The sound of the rattles can inspire the baby to shake the hand constantly. Exercise the development of the muscles of the hand.
Inspire Imagination - Different stereoscopic graphics can induce the baby's imagination of space, cultivate creative thinking ability.
Tooth Growth - The toys that can be bite, could promote the development of baby teeth.
Ideal Gift - Fine workmanship, lovely and beautiful, being attractive to kids. Perfect gift for your or friends' baby.
Safety - Environmental ABS materials, smooth surface, no sharp corners, safe and non-toxic toys.

Item name: Baby Rattle Set
Item NO.: 3205
Not for children who under 3 months
Product features: puzzle, auditory training, visual perception
Quantity: 5pcs

Package Information:
Package size: 31 * 24 * 8cm / 12.2 * 9.4 * 3.1in
Package weight: 427g / 15.0oz
Gift box package

Package include:
1 * Baby Rattle Set (5pcs)
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