Motor boat P25 55 lbs


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This powerful, but silent electric motor has a maximum thrust of 55 lb and a shaft length of 91.4 cm.
  • Shaft Length: 91.4 cm
  • Thrust: 55 lbs (24,9 kg)
  • Steering rotates 360 °: Yes
  • Number of speeds in forward direction: 5
  • Number of speeds in the reverse direction: 3
  • Max.Leistung: 672 W
  • Saltwater resistant: Yes
  • Battery indicator: Yes
  • Connection: 12 Volt
  • Incl. Battery cable: Yes
  • Screw-adjustable: Yes
  • adjustable length of the steering handle: Yes
  • Battery: not included
  • Propeller: 3 blade
  • We recommend a 12V / 80A battery (gel or car battery) which lasts for 3-4 hours driving time
Sailing is an environmentally friendly, peaceful and safe. This electric motor is almost completely silent and no noxious substances. Always several areas allow only boats with electric motors, so that an electric motor is the best choice. This low-noise electric motor has a maximum thrust of 55 lb and a shaft length of 91.4 cm. It can easily be attached to the boat and to a battery (not included) can be connected. We recommend a 12V / 80A battery (gel or car battery), the ranges for 3-4 hours driving time. The engine is equipped with battery level display, so you can see when the battery is empty. In addition, the motor 360 ° can be rotated and has 8 different speeds, of which 3 in the reverse direction. To avoid problems in shallow water, the engine can be folded. The steering handle is also adjustable. Note: To keep the capacity of the battery and to prevent damage, it is important to recharge the battery before it is completely consumed.
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