DIY Wall Clock Frameless 3D Mirror Wall Clock Large Mute Wall Stickers for Living Room Home Decorations


包装长*宽*高:39.00 * 12.00 * 5.00(CM) 毛重:0.369(KG)


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  • 颜色: black gold silver
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This product uses the fine quality movement, the service life is long, the time is accurate, does not have the sound, specially suits home use. It's also a perfect way to decorate your house.

Long pointer, fine quality metal material, strong and not easy to deformation.
The fine quality copper sleeve ensures the long-term stability and accuracy of the clock.
Silent sweep second movement, placed in the bedroom will not affect your sleep.
Light weight, easy to firmly adhere to the wall does not drop.
It's also a perfect way to decorate your room.
Let you have a chance to get the fun of DIY.
Easy and convenient to install.

Item type: Wall Clock
Color: Golden, silvery, black(optional)
Material: EVA
Package weight: EA012: 340g/11.9ounces 
                EA002: 333g/11.7ounces 
Package size: 390*120*50mm/15.3*4.72*1.96inches

Package list:
1 * Set of wall clock
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